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About Symbol

Symbol Training Institute is a Nationally and NIMS Accredited Institution which provides education and hands-on training in the field of Computerized Numerical Control machines.

What is CNC?

Success Stories

Thanks to Symbol, I am employed in a high demand, high paying field with a lot of room to grow.


Symbol provided me a mixed curriculum and the certification that allowed me to hit the ground running in a machine shop.


I was hired to start working immediately as a CNC operator.


I never thought I could be working on CNC machines full time even before I completed my CNC training. This is great!


My salary increased significantly due to the hands on training I received from Symbol.


Nothing felt better than getting back to work after so much time off. Thank you Symbol!!!


Greatest program out there! Thank you for the training and thanks for the job placement assistance!


I am extremely grateful to Symbol and my family for supporting me in my personal development.


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